Roof Replacement- Do You Need One?

roof replacement
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If you ignore your roof, you could be causing yourself a lot more expense than necessary. Regular yearly checks and checks after harsh weather will catch any problems that are developing. If your roof has any of these conditions it may be time to consider a roof replacement.

roof replacement

Check the Inside

The first place you need to start your inspection is in your attic. Look for beams of light coming through the roof. These are obvious signs of holes where a leak is occurring. At this point, you need immediate repair or roof replacement.

Open holes that are large enough for light are also large enough for small animals. Birds, rodents, and bugs will seek shelter in the warmth of your home’s attic.

Take a flashlight and look for signs of water. This could be stains, streaks, or standing water. Active leaks will continue to cause increasing damage the longer they are left.

Water leaks in your roof will cause the wood to rot. It will also encourage the growth of mold in your home. Once mold has a stronghold, you will need more than just a roof replacement to fix the problem.

Check Your Records

Dig out your records on your roof. Know when your roof was installed and what materials were used. This will give you a timeline on how long you can get use out of your current roof.

Asphalt shingle roofs usually last between 20 and 25 years. If you have a roof that was installed over an existing layer you should replace it by the 20 year mark.

roof replacement

How Are the Shingles

Check the shingles on your roof to ensure they are all laying flat against the roof. This is especially important after a heavy storm. If you find any that are lifting, cracked, or buckling they should be replaced.

roof replacement

Check the gutters and downspouts while you are up there. Any shingle grit nees to be cleared from them. If the gutters are full, water cannot be directed away from the roof. Thanks to gravity, water will find a way down, and you don’t want it to be through your home.

Check along the edges of the roof at the connection points of the roof with your home. there needs to be a clean and secure seal along the flashing. These connection points are the weakest points in your roof for leaks.

If you find that your shingles are losing the majority of their grit, your roof may be coming near the end of its useful life. Consider a roof replacement if your shingles have lost the majority of their granules.

More on Flashing

Flashing is the sealing material around anything that is installed in your roof. This will include your chimney, skylight, and vents. There shouldn’t be any cracks, gaps, or breakage in this seal.

If you have an older home, this material may be roofing cement or tar. These materials are not durable long term though. Have your flashing upgraded to metal for increased durability and protection.

roof replacement

Sagging and Rot

If you see areas of your roof sagging or looking droopy you must have your roof replaced. This is a clear sign that you have rotting wood under your roof. The support system for your roof is no longer functioning.

The roof above the support system in letting moisture into your home. then once the moisture is there, it is trapped. The moisture then causes the wood to rot and become weak.

roof replacement

An Unwanted Garden

Is there a part of your roof that is well shaded. This is a prime place for moss and mold to grow. Remove this unwanted growth with a stiff brush to prevent any further damage.

Then the roof needs to be inspected for any trapped moisture. Any underlying problems need to be addressed to prevent further moss growth.

Relax and Get a Roof Replacement

If you discover any major issues in your roof, don’t panic. You’ve already done the most important thing, found the problem. By finding the problem now you can prevent further and more expensive damage.

If you have an active leak start making an effort to dry out the water. Make every effort to catch any moisture that is coming in through the leaks. This could be laying out a tarp over the leak. You could place a bucket under any drips. Place a fan in the attic to help circulate air.

Schedule a roof replacement as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more expensive the repair process will be.

Schedule a quote for your roof replacement today.

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