10 Tips For Your Bathroom Remodel

10 Tips for you bathroom remodel #bathroom #bathroomremodel #homeimprovement
10 Tips you need before your bathroom remodel #bathrooms #remodels #homediy
10 Tips you need before your bathroom remodel #bathroomremodel #homeimprovement #bathrooms #homeremodel

A bathroom remodel is a great way to add value to your home. It is one of the more affordable remodels you can do in your home. Follow these ten tips for a smooth home renovation project.

Start by figuring out the timing and budget for your project. These two things will dictate your decisions for many of the other tips on this list.

1. Plan Your Timing

The timing of your bathroom remodel needs to planned out so that the project, orders, and expense will line up. If a specific vanity, toilet, or tile needs to be ordered, this needs to happen before the tearing down of the bathroom starts. This will save you from living with a torn apart bathroom.

2.  Where is the Plumbing

Using the piping where it is located will save you major dollars. If you are doing a remodel on a budget, this is a necessary choice. Only consider moving the plumbing around if the original placement is poor.

3. Don’t Put the Toilet in Front and Center

No one wants to look at the toilet. Often times bathroom doors are left open. This means anyone walking by will come face to face with your toilet.

For a more spa-like feel place the toilet so that it isn’t the focal point front and center in the bathroom. Place it around a corner or behind a wall. Make anything else the focal point during your bathroom remodel.

4. Budget

This is the most important part of your project. If you don’t have a budget you will find the project to be more expensive in the long run. A budget will help you stick to your expected costs. It will also help you control costs so that you will be able to finish the project.

Knowing your budget and where you have room to spend will help you later on. Choosing a more luxurious material in one area will cost more, so you may need to reduce costs elsewhere.

5. Plan Your Lighting

The best spaces use a combination of task, accent, ambient, and decorative lighting. Keep in mind the lighting required for applying makeup. Using a combination of lighting will allow for the most flexibility in use.

6. Basic Dimensions

Knowing the typical size and spacing of a bathroom will be vital if you intend to change the tub/shower and vanity. This will help you plan efficiently for the moving of these key features.

7.  Get Creative

You don’t need to put a bicycle in the bathroom to get creative. Consider putting the sink in the corner if you are short on space. If you want a bathtub but there is no space, consider a small one like the one from Amalfi by Victoria + Albert.

8.  The Right Vanity

Vanities require the perfect balance of storage space and floor space. Choose a vanity that is too big and it will disrupt traffic flow. Choose a vanity too small and it will fail in counter or storage space.

Choose the right material to prevent major maintenance requirements in the future. Consider the height for ease of use. Consider if you need extra storage under the vanity.

9. Splurge in the Right Places of Your Bathroom Remodel

Before you decide to make the entire bathroom space feature low-cost materials, shop around. Make a couple of the features or materials higher end. This will give the small space a luxury feel. You don’t need to splurge on everything. By making the countertops, flooring, or walls high end the whole bathroom feels more expensive.

10.  Convert Your Tub to a Shower

Have a bathtub but never take a bath? Convert that tub into a modern shower. This upgrade gives your bathroom a new modern look without moving the plumbing. You gain 5 1/2 feet of usable space.

Deciding to do a bathroom remodel is a big decision. Having the best team on your side can make the project run smoothly. Let the professionals at Prestige Home Designs be your guide. Schedule a quote today for your next home improvement project.

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